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Sales Checklist

Our Sales Checklist is a powerful tool to help your sales people sell consistently.

Many sales people are successful, but not all are successful all of the time. By capturing what successful sales people do that makes them successful, we have put together our Sales Checklist.

We’ve been working on this for the past 20 years, gathering data and making observations. Compiling the checklist means that you can benefit from this work when your sales people take any of our sales training courses.

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Sample of our Sales Checklist

The sample of our Sales Checklist above gives you just a taster of the power of this tool. The complete checklist covers all the key areas which go together to building a successful approach to sales.

It can be used by sales people to review their approach as a self coaching checklist. Sales managers will find it useful as a coaching tool with their sales teams. Sales Directors can use it to assess the success of their sales strategy. And it can be used by recruiters to work out the key areas required for you new hires in the sales team.

How to use the checklist

This checklist can be used in a number of ways:

  1. For sales people to think about their preparation for a sales meeting.
  2. By sales people to assess their own performance after a sales meeting.
  3. For sales managers as a coaching tool with their team.
  4. By sales managers as a training tool.
  5. In recruitment to set candidate’s expectations.
Sales Checklist adapted to your business

When you book any of our sales training courses we will work on the Sales Checklist to adapt it to your needs. We will talk through your sales process and adapt the checklist to suit this. This means your sales people not only get a powerful tool, they get one which is relevant to your business.

The TARGET Sales Checklist is used in pour sales training

Contact us via the ITD switchboard on +44 (0)800 804 8086 to explore how our Sales Checklist could help your team

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