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Sales courses from Target Sales Training are designed to fit your needs. Our courses include general principles of selling which are important for every sales person. Through to specific ideas for your team in their market. This means they will help deliver your targets by giving your sales team what they need to improve performance and results.

Sales courses tailored at no extra cost

We tailor our sales courses at no extra cost. We do this by talking with you about your needs and what you would like your sales team to achieve. You know your team and the specific behaviours you would like them to develop. We listen to your needs and adapt the training accordingly. The result is that we deliver the changes you want.

Sales courses to improve performance

You probably have a mixture of performers. Some sales people are naturally good at some skills but not at others. So one sales person can be good at discussing their customers’ needs and really getting them to open up. But they may be less good at closing. Another sales person may be good at getting to the prospect’s needs, but not so good at presenting your solution. We will help you to define these needs and design the right sales courses to suit them. The result is that you get what you need; sales training that improves the performance of your sales team.

The right sales courses

We have a wide range of sales courses from basic sales training through to key account management training, or territory management training. It may be that you need a general grounding in the approach to selling. Or it could be that you need very specific development. Whatever you need we can develop the right course for you and your team. As a result you will get the sales course that matches your needs

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Target Sales Courses are run in a workshop style

What are in house sales courses?

In house sales courses mean you have the choice to purchase the sales training which exactly matches your needs. You can have the training when you want and where you want. And we’ll match the timing to suit your needs too. So if you want a two or three day masterclass we’ll do that. Or if you want a series of shorter sessions, we’ll arrange these for you. In conclusion these means that with our sales courses you get what you want and when you want it, at a cost that suits you too.

How long do in house sales courses last?

As long or as short as you want! We deliver one hour taster sessions, half day workshops, through to three day sales courses. In discussion with you we will look at your objectives for the training. Once we understand these we can advise on how much time will be needed. We will recommend how long the right sales courses will take. But we will do this mindful of the available budgets. The result is that you get the training you want, for the duration you want and at the right cost.

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Some of our in house sales courses for other clients:

  • Account Management Training
  • Key Account Management Training
  • Territory Management Training
  • Retail Sales Training

These are some examples of sales courses we’ve designed and developed for other clients. But it really is up to you. Let’s start with a conversation about your challenges and what you would like your sales team to be doing differently. We’ll go from there to design sales courses that really fit your needs.

First Steps: How to define your needs

Take a look at your sales process

We find one good way to start is to take a look at your sales process. This is a map of your customer’s experience of your organisation from first enquiry to after sales service. If you haven’t got this mapped out, don’t worry, we can  help. We even do sales process training.

Once you’ve got the sales process mapped it’s easier to see what’s happening. And it usually becomes quite clear what’s not happening compared to how you would like it. So when we have your needs established we can start to design the sales courses that are right for your sales team.

Define the behaviours you expect to see

Another way to start is by looking at the behaviours you expect to see at each step of the sales process. So this will include skills like; connecting with prospects; questioning and listening; summarising; and closing. We have developed our Target Sales Checklist  which can help with this. Once we have this list of skills we will discuss how your team measure up and where there is room for development. We can then design your training based on the development areas defined. In this way your sales courses are exactly suited to your needs.

Customer feedback on which to design your sales courses

A different way to define your needs for sales courses is to use customer feedback. We can help with this, or you may have a system for gathering this feedback already in place. Customers who are open to giving feedback will usually give both positive and developmental feedback. This is because they want the service they receive to develop. It can be a good way of defining training needs as it should be directly linked to areas which will have a sales impact. As a result we can design training for you which will improve sales results.

Designing your Sales Courses

sales courses

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If you can’t see exactly what you are looking for then that’s not a problem. Contact us and we will design a sales training solution for you. And we’ll do that within 24 hours of your enquiry. Call us via the ITD switchboard on +44(0) 800 804 8086 and we’ll talk it through.

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