Sales Presentation Skills Training

Our sales presentation skills training will give you the edge you need. If you are in a position to present then it’s probably a serious opportunity. The prospect sees you as one of their potential business partners. So you need to get it right. It’s important to do a good job and training will help you do the best you can.

Our sales presentation skills training helps you to be the best you can. We don’t suggest you follow some strict process. We think you should be yourself and allow your personality and knowledge to shine through.

There are some proven guidelines to follow if you want to get the right result. And you don’t want anything else to be distracting. Our training gives you a blend of principles, tools and the opportunity to practice to develop your skills.

Sales Presentation Skills Training
Getting to the meeting room early in order to prepare is vital

Sales Presentation Skills Training - relevant situations

Our Sales Presentation Skills Training will help in the following situations:

  • New business pitches.
  • Credentials presentations.
  • Client presentations.
  • Beauty parades.
  • Business development pitches.
  • Service update presentations.
  • Product update presentations.
Sales Presentation Skills Training
Testing your equipemnt in good time is essential

Live Training

Live Training is our approach to develop your skills in the workshop. You practice with real data and a real presentation. We’ll give you constructive feedback on how you can improve and then we give you the opportunity to do just that. So you learn live in the session and walk out a better presenter than when you walked in. Guaranteed. Read more…

TARGET ideas and concepts used in our Sales Presentation Skills Training

Sales Presentation Skills Training

Sales Presenting Model

Our Sales Presentation Model is a powerful tool for ensuring your preparation is as good as it can be.

Sales Presentation Skills Training

Sales Personality Model

The Sales Personality Model is a great tool to help any sales person in any sales situation.

Sales Presentation Skills Training

Body Language Model

The Body Language Model helps you ensure your non verbal communication supports what you say.

Sales Presentation Skills Training

Presentation Skills Checklist

Our Presentation Skills Checklist helps you ensure you have the right number of slides with the right content.

Sales Presentation Skills Training Agenda

The actual training we arrange with you would be tailored to your needs. Here’s the draft agenda we start with:

The Beginings
  • Introductions & objectives.
  • Personal experiences of presenting.
  • Perceived development areas.
  • Description of live situations for development.
  • The first presentation.
Your Presentation
  • Audience assessment.
  • Personalities in presentations.
  • Presentation objective.
  • Time & other constraints.
  • Number of slides / wipe boards / Flip pages.
  • Content of your presentation.
  • Use of silence.
  • Videos & sound.
Bringing it to life
  • Use of images.
  • Use of 3D items.
  • Telling a story.
  • Use of short language.
  • Editing your presentation.
Reviewing your presentation
  • In the light of what they have learned the participants review and amend their presentations.
  • Coaching and advice is available from the training consultant.
Practice & Development
  • Re-present your presentation.
  • Feedback.
  • Further development.
  • Action plans for the future.

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