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If you are looking for sales training to help you achieve your targets, you’ve found it. At Target Sales Training we design and deliver sales training to help sales people overcome their challenges and achieve their goals. We tailor the training to fit the needs of your sales people and your business at no extra cost. As a part of we have delivered training in over 30 countries worldwide and with many organisations.

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What makes TARGET Sales Training unique?

  • 25 years of Sales and Sales Training experience.
  • Behavioural change expertise to underpin sales training ideas.
  • LIVE Training approach means you work whilst you learn.
  • Sales training tailored to your business and needs at no extra cost.
25 years of sales and sales training experience

We’ve been involved with sales and sales training for over 25 years. This means we have experience of lots of different products, markets, sales people, countries and cultures. We’ve worked with sales people in Canada, US, across Europe, in Middle East and Asia. We can bring this experience to bear for your benefit, to deliver great training based on what works.

Behavioural change expertise to underpin sales training ideas.

We have a behavioural scientist advising us on the best ways to implement behavioural change. With any sales training you have two challenges. One is to get new ideas which you can use in your day to day selling. The second is to implement these in the workplace. This is where our behavioural change experience is vital. We help you frame your change in a way that gives you the best possible chance of it happening. The result is not only great training, but training that has the best chance of impacting on your business.

LIVE Training approach means you work whilst you learn.

Our LIVE Training approach is one we developed about 20 years ago. The idea is to bring the participant’s work into the sales training room. This means you work on your business as you learn new ideas. So with our account management training for example; you apply the ideas we introduce to your accounts in the workshop. So you work whilst you learn, or learn whilst you work.

Sales training tailored to your products and needs at no extra cost.

Some sales training companies will try to sell you a packaged approach. Training in a box. Our approach is different. We recognise that each market and each company is different. Different culture, different solution and different needs. For that reason we tailor our sales training to your needs. We do this because it works better. And we do this at no extra cost to you. In conclusion you get better, more relevant training at a reasonable cost.

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3 Steps to our Sales Training Methodology:


Sales training needs to give you great ideas which can be applied to your organisation. And they need to be delivered in an engaging and relevant way for your sales team.


Your sales people need to take these ideas and create realistic actions. And these need to be applied in their work, otherwise it's just a great course with no actual impact.

Follow up

Even with the best sales training ideas and great actions, we still need follow up; to help your sales people make the changes you want them to make and create new habits.

Sales Training for all Sales Roles

Our sales training courses help new and experienced sales people. New sales people need ideas and frameworks which can help them achieve success. Experienced sales people benefit from a refresher of their skills and approach with new ideas. Plus they need to take their skills to the next level.

Target sales training courses can help sales people in any market. We’ve worked with sales people from retail to big ticket IT projects, and from construction chemicals to accountancy services. We work with sales people in many different roles including the following:

  • Account Managers
  • Telephone Account Managers
  • Account Directors
  • Sales Representatives
  • Sales Technicians
  • Area Sales Representatives
  • National Account Managers
  • Regional Account Managers
  • Sales Managers
  • Telephone Sales Managers
  • Sales Directors
  • Retail Sales Managers
  • After Sales
  • Customer Service
  • Client Relationship Managers
  • Non Sales Roles

Behavioural Change Specialists

Any training you buy for your sales team is aimed at changing their behaviours. You might be looking for a big change, or you may be looking for smaller changes. Either way changes in behaviour are required, which is why our approach makes sense. We don’t just give you ideas on how to improve selling, we also frame these ideas in the context of the behavioural changes required by your sales people.

For example, let’s say you want your team to ask more questions and listen more. We’ll design training that fits with your market and products or services. Then we’ll develop a coaching checklist for the sales person and their sales manager. Working with our behavioural scientist we’ll look at the behavioural changes required. Then we’ll present these to your team so that they have a clear path of how they can each implement their personal change. This means they will have the new behaviours placed in context with their existing ones. That way there’s more chance of success.

Sales Training Courses

Sales Training
Target Sales Training Courses are delivered in workshop style

We offer a wide range of Target Sales Training Courses all of which are tailored to suit client needs.  Our courses are perfect for those who want to learn the basics of selling, or refresh their skills.

sales training

Basic Selling Training

Target Basic Sales Training is perfect for those people new to sales, or who are going to move into sales.

sales training courses

Advanced Selling

The Target Advanced Sales Training course is ideal for those who want to take their skills up a level.

sales training

Telesales Training

Our Target Telephone Sales Training course is ideal for those who are new or experienced in telephone sales.

Building Trust in Selling

Account Management Training

Target Account Management Sales Training gives you tools and skills to be able to manage a range of accounts more successfully.

sales training Key Account Management Training square

Key Account Management Training

The Target Key Account Management Sales Training is perfect for learning how to give the most value and get the best returns from key accounts.

sales training Territory Management Training square

Territory Management Training

Our Target Territory Management Sales Training gives each sales person a framework to assess and develop their territories.

closing techniques

Sales Presentation Skills Training

Our Sales Presentation Skills Training gives each sales person the framework and skills to improve their impact and deliver results.

sales training special offers

Retail Sales Skills Workshop

Target Retail Sales Training is designed as a blend of training and coaching. We tailor the workshop to suit your market and brand.

sales trainnig

Sales Management Training

Behind every successful sales team is a brilliant Sales Manager. this training shows how to be what the team needs.

More about our approach

Sales Training

Sales Motivation Training

Sales Motivation Training helps to put your sales team in the right mindset for success.

sales training

Customised Selling Training

Learn more about how our sales training is tailored to your business and your sales team's needs.

sales training

International Selling Training

Explore more on how we've trained people in many countries and with different cultures around the world.

To give you a feel for our approach you can download our Free 100 Sales Tips. These give you ideas for many sales situations. The sales tips are written clearly and you’ll be able to see how they apply to you straight away. Our Free 100 Sales Tips covers different parts of the sales process including:

  • Qualifying
  • Questioning
  • Listening
  • Presenting
  • Closing

Free Sales Consultation

Arrange a free telephone sales consultation with us where we can discuss and advise on any sales team issues you may have.

This can include your needs for training, but it could involve thoughts on your sales process; number of sales people; sales people roles; the right personality types for your organisation; how your sales team is managed; performance management; managing remotely; or whatever your needs are.

To arrange your free sales consultation just call us or read more about this service.

Great Sales Training Ideas

We’ve developed a range of great sales training ideas, tips and frameworks to help you and your sales team sell. These form part of our IP (Intellectual Property). Here are some of them:

sales training courses

Personality Selling Model

Our Sales Personality Model is simple to understand and easy to apply. It really helps to understand the different personalities you meet in sales situations.

sales training courses

Sales Questioning Model

Our questioning model is simple to understand and easy to apply. It gives you a framework and questions at each stage in the process to apply to any sales situation.

sales training courses

Sales Checklist Tool

Our Sales Checklist gives you a simple tool to assess where you're doing well and what areas for development you have. It's a great coaching tool.

sales training courses

Closing Skills Model

The Target Closing Skills Model is an effective way to refresh your closing skills. We apply the model to your market and your products / services, at no extra cost.

Why contact Target Sales Training today?

  • You will have a sensible conversation on your sales team and their possible needs for training.
  • You'll get a better idea on what the market has to offer.
  • We can discuss content, prices, value and the possible outcomes of the training for your team as a whole and some of the individuals in it.
  • Take the first step in achieving your targets.

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