About Target Sales Training

At Target Sales Training we design and deliver sales training and sales management training to businesses in UK & Overseas. We tailor this training to your needs at no extra cost

Target Sales Training is a brand of ITD International Training & Development which specialises in soft skills training based on behavioural change.

We’ve developed our sales training approach based on 20 years of sales training experience. Using the best from what we’ve seen that works to create innovative ideas. All of these ideas are based on the principle of being simple to understand and easy to apply. This means sales people can take the ideas and apply them to their situation immediately.

Tailored training at no extra cost

There’s a lot of sales training out there. If you Google the terms Sales Training, or Sales Courses, you’ll get a lot of results. You can buy sales training off the shelf from lots of places. Some of it will be pretty good. But not many can offer tailored training at no extra cost. At Target Sales Training that’s exactly what we do. This means we make sure the training is right for you, your sales people and the objectives you want to achieve.

Sales Training based on Behavioural Change.

We’ve worked with many clients over the years and most want one thing. Their people to do something differently. That means they want a change in behaviour. This could be learning a new skill, or it could be to perform an existing skill in a better way. Either way, behavioural change is the key.

You can find lots of places that will offer you sales training, you will find only one that offers sales training based on behavioural change. That’s because we have a behavioural scientist helping us design our training.

20 years experience

We’ve been working in sales roles and in designing sales training for over 20 years. Whatever you do, you probably have an expertise based on experience. That doesn’t mean mistakes aren’t made. Of course we all make them, but it’s how we learn from them that counts. Experience can teach you how to learn from mistakes. It also teaches what works and what tends to work less well.

Call us for a chat on your sales team

We won’t tell you how to sell, but we will ask lots of questions. Once we think we understand your needs, we’ll summaries these back to you and then we’ll make some suggestions for discussion. Call 0800 804 8086 for a chat on your sales team.

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