Body Language In Sales Model

body language in sales model
Body Language In Sales Model is easy to understand

Our Body Language In Sales Model gives you guidelines on what to do and what to look out for. You can apply it in any sales meeting, sales presentation, or client interaction. There are many books on body language which give great insight into non verbal communication. Our Body Language In Sales Model goes one step further to produce a useful tool for Body Language.


body language in sales model

Firstly the Model gives sales people a framework for how to think about their body language. It explains how non verbal communication can be interpreted and where there is room for misinterpretation.

Developing in some detail the Model explores how we can use non verbal communication to help get our point across.

In training we use role-plays to illustrate the different aspects of the model. We feedback to each participant on how they communicate messages with their body language.

The Body Language model can be used by sales people and by sales managers. It can also be used by sales trainers in post call discussions to help sales people build awareness of their body language.

Body Language In Sales Model

Body Position

How you sit, how you stand and the direction of your body.


Arms & Hands

The position of your arms,  what to do with your hands and what people notice.



The impact of body movement and what this communicates.


Legs and feet

What people notice, the impact of feet and leg movement.



The most important part of non verbal communication; facial muscles, expressions, unconscious expressions, smiling, eye contact, head position, head movements, head direction.

The Target Body Language In Sales Model is a powerful tool to help the successful sales person achieve more. It gives sales people clear and simple ideas to work with which they can implement in a step by step way. It also gives a good coaching tool for the sales manager and sales trainer.


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