Closing Skills Model

closing skills model
Clsiong skills can learnt and developed

The Target Closing Skills Model, helps sales people develop their approach to getting more business.

This model will help you close more deals. Like all our IP it is easy to understand and simple to apply. 

It covers what to close and how to close it. But of course there are many ways to close a deal.

Closing techniques
The Target Closing Model

The model gives a series of areas to close in the process of the sale. Linked to the sales process it reminds sales people of the purpose of each step in the sale.

For example the sales person does not just explain your company and it’s background. They close on it by making sure the prospect is comfortable to deal with a company like yours. They close on the company before moving on.

It is very easy for sales people to talk and present. In fact many can be seen as mobile brochures. But it is essential for them to close on each step of the sale. Not to do so could lead the prospect to raising an objection later on in the process. By closing on each step the sales person can have confidence they can build the sales step by step. Not closing leave them wide open.

So the Target Closing Skills Model gives your sales people a simple model to work from to make sure they close at every step and close more business overall.

The Model is available to all sales people who take any of our sales training courses.

Model adapted to your business

Like many of the Target tools available on our sales training courses, the Closing Skills Model is adapted to your business. We will discuss your sales process with you and make sure the model fits and gives the correct closes to match your process.

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