ASKER Coaching Model

The ASKER Coaching Model gives you a simple and effective tool to help personal development. It is used by sales people, sales managers and sales trainers. We use it in our Sales Training Coaching and Sales Training.

Background to the ASKER Coaching Model

The ASKER Coaching Model was developed to help in coaching sales people. We needed a tool which summarised the key elements of development. Whilst there are coaching models that showed how to coach, there was not a coaching model on what to coach, especially for sales people and sales managers.

The ASKER Coaching Model Acronym

The ASKER Coaching Model acronym helps you to remember and use the model.

A – Attitude and approach

S – Skills

K – Knowledge

E – Expectations & Effort

R РResults 

A – Attitude and Approach

With sales people both the attitude and approach are vital. It forms the basis of success. The attitude describes the sales person’s ability to deal with the upturns and downturns of the role.

S – Skills

The skills elements of coaching describes the specific abilities the sales person needs to master to be successful. So this includes questioning, listening and summarising.

K – Knowledge

A key part of any sales role is product and service knowledge. Sometimes this is overlooked but it is vital in order to give the right service and to be able to sell professionally.

E – Expectations & Effort

These two elements are also vital for success. The sales person’s expectations need to be managed. Effort is one of the most important part of the sales person’s role. Results only follow when consistent effort is given.

R – Results

Results are what selling is all about. Success means getting the right result.

Using the ASKER Coaching Model

Using the ASKER Coaching Model involves four steps:

  • We discuss with the Sales Manager or Sales Director the elements of ASKER.
  • Review the organisation's expectations and draft detail of the ASKER elements.
  • Coaching discussion as a trial of the model.
  • Use of the Coaching Model with the wider sales team.

Please contact us to explore how the ASKER Coaching Model could help your team.

The ASKER Coaching Model is used in our Sales Coaching Training

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