Customized Sales Training

At Target Sales Training we customize sales training at no extra cost. That means we take our models, ideas and training structure and adapt them to suit your needs. We customize in lots of ways including:

  • Budget
  • Objective
  • Duration
  • Business Issue
  • Location
  • Technology
  • Content
  • Market
  • Sales Role
  • Sales Level

Customized Sales Training - Budget

customized sales training

You tell us how much you would like the training to cost. Maybe you have a fixed amount, or maybe you have a band which you’re working to. Whatever your budget we’ll design your sales training to fit.

Customized Sales Training - Objective

We can adapt your sales training to achieve whatever objective you set for it. This could be a specific behaviour, for example if you would like your sales team to close more sales. It could also be a skill such as questioning or listening. Once your objective is agreed we will develop your training to fulfil this objective.

Customized Sales Training - Duration

customized sales training

Sales training can be as short or as long as you would like it. Obviously this impacts on what can be achieved. A one hour session can get some key points across. Half day workshops give some time for discussion. A full day training session allows time for practice. The more time, the more can be achieved. 

Customized Sales Training - Business Issue

customized sales training

There may be a business pressure we need to work to. For example, you may not want your sales team away from their selling for more than one day. Or you may want the training to happen during an existing meeting or conference. Whatever your issues or timescales we will make the sales training work for you.

Customized Sales Training - Location

customized sales training

Anywhere. We’ve delivered training in Ottawa, Canada; Barbados; San Francisco; Hong Kong; Edinburgh; Cairo; Cyprus; New York; Mexico; Sydney, Australia; Manchester, UK; Kiev; Singapore; Warsaw. You can have your sales training wherever you want it. 

Customized Sales Training - Technology

customized sales training

You can have it virtually if your prefer, with whatever platform you like; Skype, Webex, Hangout. We’ve delivered training via video conference to a group in another country and to a group of individuals in many countries. We’ve done this in Brazil, UK, Mainland Europe, Abu Dhabi and elsewhere.

Customized Sales Training - Content

customized sales training

We will tailor the content of your customized sales training. This means we will include exactly what you want. And exclude anything you don’t want. For example, if you want the training to focus on how your team presents your products or services to client needs, then that is what we will do. 

Customized Sales Training - Market

customized sales training

The training will be tailored to your market. This could include developing role-plays, or scenarios to review. We will make sure all examples used are relevant to your market. And your market could be anything from engineering to retail, or IT to professional services.

Customized Sales Training - Sales Role

customized sales training

If you have specific roles you would like the training to be developed for, we can do this. So you may have a group of junior sales people, or more senior account managers, or perhaps telesales people. Whatever their roles we will develop the training to suit their needs.

Customized Sales Training - Sales Level

customized sales training

We have developed sales training for people new to sales as well as highly experienced sales people. It may be that your team are experienced in one form of selling. But that you want them to develop their skills in another direction. Whatever the level of your sales people we will design the training to suit that level.

Customized Sales Training - Style

customized sales training

It may be that you have preferences on the style the training should take. Some people really value role-plays, others do not. Others like role-plays with actors to add realism. Other people like the training to be fun as well as engaging and useful. Whatever your preferences we can design and deliver the training to suit them. In this way you get exactly what you want.

To explore how we could customize sales training for you just call us on +44 (0)800 804 8086

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