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Define Sales Management: Managing People

Define Sales Management

This article aims explaining what Sales Management is all about. You can also read other articles in this blog and take a look at our web pages on our Sales Management ideas. In a broad answer we can say that sales management is about managing the sales team, but we need to be more specific. Sales management is the following: 

  • Targets
  • Reporting
  • Discipline
  • Motivation
  • Personality

Sales Management - Targets

To define sales management we must include achieving targets. Any sales team exists to achieve sales targets. The sales manager is there to ensure the team achieves their sales targets. The sales management role may have many objectives but the most important is to achieve their target.

Define Sales Management - Reporting

A key part of any answer to the question; define sales management, has to be reporting. The business expects the sales management function to report to the wider business.

Define Sales Management - Discipline

In one of the big pharma companies they tried an experiment by removing the sales management function. Whilst we’re big fans of distributed leadership, this was a step too far. It caused chaos, with lots of discussion but little action. The sales manager must ensure their is discipline in the team. This means making sure there is enough quantity of work and sales effort as the business requires.

Define Sales Management - Motivation

Part of the answer to, ‘define sales management’, is about Motivation. Motivation is about the drive each sales person has to put the effort in to achieve their targets. The sales manager can help motivate their team.

Define Sales Management - Personality

The successful sales manager must understand the personality of each of their sales team. Not all sales people are the same. Each person needs managing slightly differently based on their personality. For example a social sales person will need a more friendly approach than a direct sales person. Read more about personality in sales.

Sales Management Training

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