Live Training

Live Training

Live Training is the idea of making training as relevant to your work as possible. It’s about moving your work into the classroom. So not just theory and hypothesis. Practical ideas applied to your work. Live Training means bringing your work into the training room. Every idea or concept in the training is applied to to your work. This means that training is much more relevant to your every day work.


An example of Live Training

A good example of Live Training is with telephone sales. A client wanted to improve the telephone sales ability of their sales people. We developed Live Training to help the sales people improve their skills whilst talking to actual prospects.

Each of the participants arrived at the training with a list of prospects. The learning piece was where we went through the ‘how to do it properly’ bit. We covered, voice, personality, explaining value, handling objections, and closing.

Then we went into the ‘Live’ bit. Each sales person made calls to live prospects. We gave each participant one to one coaching and discussed successes and learning points.

The outcome was that every sales person improved during the session. They left with warm contacts and with actual meetings booked in the diary. They developed their skills by practising them in the session.

How Live Training works

How does Live Training work? In a regular training session an idea is passed from trainer to participant. At TARGET we use our Describe, Explain, Illustrate & Apply Model. This means the participants review ideas in principle. They hear it and see it explained. The idea is then illustrated with examples. Finally the idea is applied to the participants situations. Live Training turns that process upside down. We start with the participants’ situations and the idea is explained within that context. So the whole training is about their business and their challenges. This way it makes the experience much more relevant.

live training
Live Training means working on your business in the session

Why Live Training works

In regular training there is a gap between a new idea being introduced and the application of that idea. The participant has the job of bridging that gap. From the time of gaining a new idea the participant has to remember it and remember how to apply it. They then have to remember to apply it. The time from learning to application can be hours to days, or even weeks. All of this gives them plenty of opportunity to forget it, or forget to apply it. In conclusion regular training can be difficult to have impact on behaviours.

With this Live approach the situation is completely different. A new idea is introduced in the context of the participants’ work. The idea is applied to each participant in the training. In this way the training is more powerful and has greater impact.

Courses where we use Live Training

We use our Live Training approach wherever we can in our training. Here are some specific courses:

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