New year resolution

Making a New Year Resolution

We’ve all done it before. We make a New Year Resolution and then within weeks if not days we’ve blown it. So how can you make what is basically a behavioural change stick?

Set a reasonable goal or change

The fist thing to do is give yourself a reasonable goal. An achievable goal. Something which you can say to yourself, yes I think I can do that. For example rather than giving up alcohol, or chocolate completely in January you could say give it up during the week. If it’s a sales goal it could be getting one new business meeting every week, or two week, or month. Make it a reasonable goal for you.

Break it down into small steps

Whatever your goal is the next thing to do is to break it down into small steps. Just like climbing a mountain we do it one step at a time. So if your goal is get one new business meeting this week, step one is to to put together a target list of prospects. The next step is to think about why they would eant to meet you.

Don't panic if you falter

Nearly every time we make a change we probably lapse into the old behaviour from time to time. A key to making any change is not getting too down about that. And definitely not giving up. Keep going because lapsing is normal. In fact we can expect it.

Happy 2018 🙂

New Year’s Resolutions in Selling

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