Objection Handling

Objection handling is a skill. How well you handle objections can make the difference between being successful and not. The right approach is to develop the skill of objection handling until it becomes automatic.

Why you should welcome objections

What is an objection? An objection is a way of saying; “I cannot buy because of this reason”. In other words “I cannot buy until you have dealt with this reason”, or “I will buy when you have dealt with this”. It can be a buying signal. An indication that the person wants to buy, but cannot buy yet. In summary an objection happens before the prospect can buy. So we welcome them because it means the prospect is almost ready to buy.

Target Sales Training Objection Handling Model

The Target Objection Handling Model shows you the attitude, skills and action you need to take to be successful. In our training we apply it to your market.

Objection Handling Process
The Target Sales Training Objection Handling Model

The right attitude to objection handling

You need to have the right attitude. By attitude we mean your overall approach. The right attitude is where you welcome objections and engage with the prospect. The wrong attitude is to get stressed by them and panic. You expect them and prepare for them

How you should react with objection handling

When you get an objection you stay focused. You look interested and ask questions to clarify the objection. Ask about the background to the objection. When ready you summarise the objection.

Closing on the objection

Closing on the objection means getting commitment that if the objection is dealt with successfully, the prospect will be ready to buy. So you could say, “If I can deal with this point will you be ready to go ahead?”

Staying positive when objection handling

The prospect might expect you to give up. You don’t. You carry on. Staying positive means you even react positively to the objection. You say something like, “That’s a very good point and I should have dealt with that a lot earlier.”

What to say when handling objections

When dealing with the objection you explain your solution. Then you ask if that’s clear.

objection handling

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