online sales management training

Online Sales Management Training

Our online sales management training is delivered via Zoom, or your preferred platform. We’ve delivered training on Adobe Acrobat, Webex and most of the leading platforms.

As a client we would design the sessions around your needs. That menas we tailor examples and scenarios to suit your market and organisation.

the training sessions are between 60 and 120 minutes long. You can choose between stand alone online sales management training sessions, or a series of sessions to make up a programme.

We deliver in a workshop style with active involvement and discussion by participants right from the start. The feedback we get by working in this style is always outstanding, because people really enjoy the discussion rather than lecture style.


As mentioned we can use any platform you prefer. At present we favour the Zoom system becaus eit is simple and effective. No special equipemnt is required except a decet pair of headphones for sound quailty.


We have found over the years that participants prefer online sales management training sessions to be shorter when compared to face to face workshops. These workshops are between one and two hours in length, grouped into a programme of typically six to ten sessions.

Perhaps surprisingly enough the outputs of these online sessions tend to be the same as live workshops. The difference is in the lack of social interaction and networking.

Online Sales Management Training Agenda

The agenda for these online workshops follows a similar pattern as the live workshops, which you can read more about here. This gives you a flavour of the typical agendas of a series of online workshops:

Sales Management Processes

The workshop reviews and discusses how to implement and run the folliwng processes:

  • Team meetings
  • Contracting conversations
  • One to ones
  • Setting targets
  • Business planning
  • Performance reviews
Managing Sales People

This sessions looks at the unique challenges in managing sales people and how to do this successfully:

  • Personality profiling
  • Establishing boundaries & expectations
  • Understanding the differences in each salesperson
  • Discipline
  • Motivating sales people
Coaching for Success

The workshop looks at the skill of coaching and how to apply it to a sales team.

  • What is Coaching?
  • How coaching works with sales people
  • Coaching conversations to develop performance
  • Using coaching in real situations


The outcomes of these online workshops are captured using our unique action planning tool. This frames participants actions in our behavioural change action planning tool. Developed to give poeple the best possible chance of implementing thier actions, the tool creates simple, specific and logical actions.