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Positive Sales Approach.

Getting and keeping a positive sales approach is vital for sales success, but it can be a challenge. Whilst sales people tend to be chatty out-going types, they can be prone to slumps in positivity. This can affect how they talk with clients and prospects, as well as their sales results. So it’s important to have a positive sales approach in any sales role.

The impact of not having a positive sales approach

Not having a positive sales approach can have the following impact:
1. Can be noticed by prospects and reduce the chances of success.
2. Clients can notice the less positive communication.
3. Rubs off on colleagues.
4. Ultimately impacts on sales results.

What can we do?

When we notice the negativity rising in ourselves, with a colleague, or in one of our team, here’s what new can do:
1. Find the source of the downturn in attitude. This is the key to change. Understanding the cause will mean you can take appropriate action.

2. The cause of the change can be based in the sales person’s personal or professional life. It’s important to find out where the source lies, otherwise the wrong course of action could be taken.

3. If you’re a sales manager you must act quickly. Managing a positive sales approach is a key part of the sales manager’s role.

4. If the cause is to do with work, try to find out what it is in detail. If this is about your attitude, talk with colleagues or your manager and try to find out the route cause.

Causes and Solutions

Possible causes of reduced positivity and possible solutions:

  • Being in the same role too long, so a change or refresher is needed. This could be simply a change of product, service, client, team, or area.
  • Not achieving personal or company goals. Coaching or training might help, as could targeting different clients and prospects.
  • Impact from other sales people. This needs to be dealt with swiftly. Sometimes sales people don’t realise the negative impact they have on their colleagues.
  • Constantly getting knocked back. Putting effort in and not getting the result can be depressing. Taking a look at who is targeted and what we say can help. Buddying up with another sales person could work.

It is really important to find the cause so that you can keep a positive sales style.
If it’s one or more of your team then it’s vital to discuss the situation with them.

Sales Manager Actions

As a sales manager you need to deal with it. This means offering support, which could mean a variety of actions:
1. Discuss the challenges and offer ideas.
2. Get the sales person a sales buddy to work with.
3. Find a sales mentor who can give guidance.
4. Training may be part of the solution.
5. If appropriate discuss the causes in the sales team. Seek the opinion of others in the team.

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Post last updated 26 September 2017

Positive Sales Approach