Quantity in Selling

One of the key building blocks of success in any sales role is quantity. The amount of activity you do in order to get to your target. This can mean the number of hours put into the role. How many sales calls you make either by phone or face to face. It can include how many proposals or offers you make.

Record your quantity

Keeping a record of your activity will help you to understand where success comes from. This can be done on paper, in an app, in your diary or wherever you find it most simplest way to do it. Recording your activity will give you useful data in the future which you can reflect on when looking at your sales results.

Target your quantity

We all have to get out there and prospect for new business. This might be on the web, by Linked In, by phone, networking events, or sales calls. Whatever way we do it this prospecting requires effort in terms of quantity. We never know which contact, or call will be the one to give a result. But we can easily lose heart with lots of rejections. So it’s vital to target your activity. Otherwise we might stop just prior to the call that would give us the deal.

When you look back on your good months and your less good months, or your great years and less great years, it is always useful to look at the activity you gave as well as your results. This will give a true picture of where your success came from.

The Quantity of Activity in Selling
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