TARGET Questioning Skills Training

The TARGET Questioning Skills Training Model is like all our ideas, easy to understand and simple to apply. It is an easy way to structure your questioning and ensure you don’t miss anything in any sales conversation. You can use our Questioning Skills Training Model in many sales situations, such as the following:

  • New sales meetings
  • Telephone sales conversations
  • Sales updates
  • Trade shows
  • Query clarification
  • Sales management

Questioning Skills Training Model

Sales Questioning

How does it work?

The Model gives structure to the areas you want to discuss in any sales situation. We start with areas we have learnt from experience tend to be relevant in any sales situation. Then based, on conversations with you, we add to these. Under these areas the model then gives you a list of suggested questions you could use. This means the sales person goes into a sales situation equipped with powerful questions.

Let's take an example

A sales person is going to see a new customer and wants to make sure they have a good discussion. The model starts by giving you a number of Target areas you may wish to open up. These Target areas could include; Competitors, Strategy, The Future, Pricing Pressures, Customer Perceptions etc.

Then for each Target area, the Model suggests lots of open questions which could be used to get the prospect talking. The questions help to open up the prospect and give details about their perspective.

So to explore one Target area, it may be relevant to talk about the prospect’s competitive situation. The Model helps by suggesting some starter questions like:

Q. How do you position your business compared to the competition?

Follow up questions like:

Q. Who would you say are you main competitors?

Q. Are you trying to emulate any competitors, if so which? And what is it about them that you admire?

These are only suggestions, but they will get you thinking about how to ask great questions.

Whether this is a stand alone Questioning Skills Training Session, or a module within a wider Sales Training Course, the overview would look something like the following.

  • Introductions & Objectives
  • Sales Script Analysis
  • The role of questions
  • Questioning Skills Training Model
  • TARGET areas
  • TARGET questions
  • Role play situations based on your business
questioning skills training

We introduce the model in our sales training. It is explained illustrated and applied to your market and products. This means your sales people can use the ideas in their every day work.

In order to do this, we develop the model and the questions before the training to ensure they are absolutely relevant to your business. In this way you get sales training adapted to your business not just generic sales training like so many others.

If you’re looking to book sales training for your team with Target Sales Training you not only get our Questioning Skills Training Model, but you also get the right questions to go with it. These are questions which we have developed based on our 20 years sales training experience. And of course you can add to these with your own questions. In conclusion you get a great model and powerful questions for your sales people to use straight away.

questioning skills training

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