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Sales Coaching Training is a service you can buy in to help one of your sales team, or all of your sales team. This is where we work with you to develop the potential and results of your sales team. So it means specific help with individual challenges. Another point to bear in mind is that coaching can be used for both successful and less successful sales people because it helps people develop their skills.

Coaching is an approach using various techniques to help the sales person achieve their potential. It does this with the basic skill of the coach being to help the sales person to reflect and learn about themselves. The coach helps them to notice more about their approach to selling. It helps them to take their development one step at a time. So coaching means the sales person is developing themselves with help from the coach.

Individual and Group Sales Coaching Training

Sales Coaching Training is usually an individual approach for each of your sales team. But it also works well in groups. This does not mean telling them what to do. Far from it. It does mean helping them to see things differently. To notice things about their approach and identify opportunities for development. As a result sales coaching training is a high quality intervention, but it does not have to be high cost. In fact it can be a highly cost effective way to develop your sales people. This is because you are targeting your investment. With over 20 years of experience, we can deliver this training in similar timescales to regular sales training.

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You can download a pdf of our Sales Coaching Training service here.

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What's the difference between Sales Coaching Training and Sales Training?

Sales training is about giving sales people ideas on how to develop their skills. In our sales training we do spend some time on coaching the sales people as well. This is especially true with our Live Training approach. You can get all sorts of sales training. The links below take you to some of the sales training courses we offer:

Coaching begins where training traditionally ends. Whilst training gives sales people ideas on what to do, sales coaching helps them to do it. To implement their actions. To make the changes they need to make, to increase their performance.

This means talking with the individual sales person and making observations about their attitude, approach, skills, knowledge, expectations, and results. This forms the basis of our ASKER Coaching Model.

A – Attitude and approach

S – Skills

K – Knowledge

E – Expectations & Effort

R – Results 

With these observations we can build a plan to help the sales person develop and grow. So we work with you to make sure any changes made are totally in line with the sales manager’s and organisation’s expectations.

Target Coaching Checklist can be used in this training

Part of our Intellectual Property (IP) includes our Coaching Checklist, a sample of which is shown below. We use this in our Sales Coaching Training to help the sales person reflect on their approach.

sales coaching training

What is Sales Coaching Training useful for?

As a Sales Director, Sales Manager, or HR person asked to help source training you have a challenge with your sales team. From our experience you’re looking to solve a problem. Here’s some sales challenges we’ve helped with in our work on sales coaching:

  • "Overall we're doing well, but some of our sales people are under-performing and we're not sure why"
  • "I have a sales person who has achieved great results in the past but lately they seem to have gone down."
  • "The market is changing and we want to give the team a boost."
  • "The sales team is made up of experienced people, so we're not sure what else we can do to help them achieve more."

Not sure sales coaching training is right for you?

If you’re not sure if sales coaching training is the right approach for you or your team, call us, or arrange a call back and we’ll have an informal chat. No obligations, just a chat about your team. We want sales coaching to be a success so it’s in our interest to make sure it’s the right approach for you too.

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