Basic Sales Training

Basic sales training from Target is perfect to give you everything you need to get your sales career started, or to give it the boost you’re looking for.

We give you a range of great ideas which will help you in whatever area of sales you’re in. You will learn how to approach the entire sale all the way through the process to after sales service. As a result our basic sales training works as a foundation for new sales people and a refresher for existing sales people.

What you will learn on our Basic Sales Training

  • What the sales process is and how it apples to you.
  • How to interpret the personality of your prospect.
  • Ways to adapt your approach to their personality.
  • Techniques for developing rapport with your prospect.
  • Our body language framework and how to use it.
  • A framework to understand and manage your prospect's expectations.
  • Our Target Questioning Model to help you identify and explore the prospect.
  • How to close from first contact to the final close.
  • Ideas on how to make sure you understand the needs and wants of your prospect.
  • The top 10 things to avoid in selling from our experience of over 20 years.
  • Successful presentation of your product or service in line with the needs of your prospects needs and wants.
  • Getting yourself organised for sales.
  • And much more!

The LIVE approach to Basic Sales Training

Live training is the approach we developed to make training as relevant as possible for you. So this means making it as close to your work as possible.

Live training means building the training around your products, your market, your challenges in selling and your sales people. It means we will be discussing sales in your context not some generic sales models which may or may not apply

In the pre-course task we ask you questions about your market and challenges. We then thread these into the training. This means the session is more relevant to you because it is set in the context of your situation.

We also develop role-plays, business cases and exercises which are relevant to your market and situation. As a result you won’t need to work out how our training applies to you, as we’ll do most of this with you in the session.

This LIVE approach makes our Basic Sales Training that much more useful.

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FREE Download 100 Sales Tips

Our book of 100 sales tips is free to download. It will give you a good idea of the kind of concepts we use in our Basic Sales Training.

Free Download 100 Sales Tips

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Models & techniques used in our Basic Sales Training

We have developed a number of models which are simple to understand and easy to apply. Read more by clicking on the areas below or go to out IP pages.

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Target Body Language in Sales Model

Our Body Language in Sales Model gives you a simple tool to interpret your customer's behaviour. You can use it in any situation.

basic sales training

Target Personality Selling Model

Our Personality Selling Model is one of the most popular we have developed. It gives you a simple tool to adapt how you engage with every customer.

basic sales training

Target Questioning Skills Model

The Target Questioning Skills Model gives you a simple framework to adapt to any sales situation. It's easy to understand and simple to apply.

basic sales training

Target Successful Selling Checklist

This checklist gives the sales person a simple way to have a consistent approach and not to forget key parts to successful selling.

Who is our Basic Sales Training right for?

Our basic sales training is the right idea for anyone in a selling role. You could be new to the role, or have some experience and need to learn some great ideas to improve your approach. Job roles right for this training include:

  • Sales Assistants
  • Supervisors
  • Sales Managers
  • Customer Service
  • Sales Agents
  • Account Managers
  • National Account Managers
  • Sales Support
  • Office Based Sales People
  • Sales Supervisors
  • Account Executives
  • Sales Executives
  • Sales Representatives
  • Key Account Managers

Challenges our Basic Sales Training helps with:

Our Basic sales training is aimed at giving you ideas to help with every day of your sales career. The ideas are so robust that they will help with those who are new and who are more experienced in sales. We always ask our participants for their challenges in sales, so that we understand where they are coming from.

These challenges typically include:

  • "I'm new to sales so I want any ideas and tips available."
  • "I've been doing a sales job for some time, but I've never had any proper training."
  • "I want tips for improving my closing rate."
  • "I've got the product knowledge but now I want to learn how to sell."
  • "I need to understand how selling works, but I want good selling techniques."
  • "I need to improve my questioning skills."
  • "My manager tells me I need to listen more, so I need tips on how to do this."
  • "We need to review the basics of selling, and make sure we're getting these right."

Basic Sales Training Overview

Sales Training Design

  • We start with conversations with you about your market, your products, services and sales team.
  • We agree the desired outcomes and what you would like your team to be doing differently as a result of the training.

Pre course

  • Participants complete a short one pager with questions on their needs and area of sales.
  • Participants receive an introductory email and overview of the training.

Basic Sales Training - agenda

  • What is selling and what is not selling.
  • How not to sell! Things to avoid.
  • Script Review - Analysis of a Sales Conversation.
  • The job of the sales person in the internet age.
  • Target frameworks & models.
  • Customer expectations model.
  • Personality model and how to engage with different styles.
  • Questioning model to discover needs and wants.
  • Sales checklist to identify your development needs.
  • Body language model.
  • Objection handling model.
  • Presenting to customer needs
  • Closing model.
  • Role plays based on your situations.
  • Personal learning and coaching.
  • Personal action plans.

Post course actions

  • You will have a post course action plan to implement.
  • You will receive follow up ideas and tips.

What will your team gain?

  • New ideas on how to refresh their approach.
  • Models which are easy to understand and simple to apply.
  • Ideas which they can apply to their daily work life.
  • Training applied to their situations.
  • A great training experience

Tailored to your needs at no extra cost

Every business is different and the needs of the sales team are also different. For that reason we will tailor our Basic Sales Training to your needs at no extra cost. This means we talk through your needs. We discuss what you want the training to do. Where you think your team need to develop their skills. Then we design the training, discuss it with you and then deliver. In conclusion you get a tailored service at a great price to fit your budget.

Who delivers our Basic Sales Training training?

We think it’s very important to have training consultants with the credibility to train other people. This means your trainer is experienced in sales and in training. We know how to sell because we’ve done it and we’re still doing it. We can relate to your sales people because we are sales people. Consequently you get sales training which does what you need it to. Call us for a chat and see what you think.

Make an enquiry

Call via the ITD switchboard on +44 (0)800 804 8086 to see how our Basic Sales Training could work for you

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