Sales Management Model

The Target Sales Management Model is like all our models easy to understand and simple to apply. It gives you a framework to use in managing your sales people. In our training, we tailor it to fit your business and help you implement using the model.


Under the people heading we have all the skills and attitudes which need to be in place for success. Our Sales Management Model gives you all the headings you need to manage your people and the flexibility to add your own.


With Processes we cover all the key process that the successful sales manager needs to employ. This includes one to ones, sales meetings, reporting, boundaries and other key processes. The idea is that you establish these when you start in your role of sales manager. If you make them the norm your team will have their expectations set and well managed.


With performance we cover both past results and expected future outcomes. Your organisation will very probably give you lots of data on sales results, monthly, quarterly and annually. They will also look at year to date and and compared with last year. Our sales management model goes further than this. It look sat the performance in those skills which deliver results. So this includes the amount of work done. How much effort is put in. It also includes how good each sales person is at key selling skills.

Using our Sales Management Model

Using our model is very simple. For example, in using the performance part of the model you establish which elements of performance are critical for you. Then you establish when you will measure them and how the sales person will self assess. We encourage sales people having the same model to self assess as the sales manager. This then becomes a routine behaviour for the sales manager and sales person. It gives a clear framework for a good quality performance conversation.

Tailored to your business

When you book training with Target, we take our sales management model and apply it to your business. Tailoring it to your business means it will be absolutely relevant to your sales managers.

Find out more about our Sales Management Training. The training includes all our sales management tools. It is also tailored to your business at no extra cost.

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