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Sales Presentation Model

Our Sales Presentation Model is a powerful tool for ensuring your preparation is as good as it can be. This is a simple tool which reminds you of all the details you need to get right in order to deliver a great sales presentation.

You’re not guaranteed to win more business, but if you follow the guidelines on the tool you will make great sales presentations.

Sales Presentation Model
Sales Presentation Model tips the scales in your favour

The tool can be used when preparing for major presentations, client updates and internal presentations. 

The first step is to make sure you have assed your audince properly. So many sales people focus on what they are goipng to say. WRONG! You need to focus on what they want to hear. What are their expectations, their needs and wants. Only when you have these and have checked them can you begin to design any presentation.

The tool also helps you decide how to construct your presentation. It looks at the different options. Should you use slides, a wipe board, flip charts, or simply tell a story.

How you look is vital in any sales presentation and the tool covers your dress, body language and stance.

Engaging your audience is also critical in any presentation. The tool gives you a number of handy tips for getting your audience involved whether you want them to speak or just be mentally engaged.

IN total the Sales Presentation Model gives you a tool to help you make better presentations. It can be used as a self checklist and as a Coaching tool.

Sales Presentation Skills Training

This tool is used in our sales training and specifically explore in our sales presentation skills training.

This training employs our live training techniques and results in you developing your skills in the course. You will work on the content and delivery of your presentations with feedback and the chance to present to your peers. 

For more details of our training course go to, sales presentation skills training.

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