Sales Process Training

Sales process training helps sales people an others with a framework for their activity. A Sales Process sets out the steps from first contact to purchase and after sales service for a specific product or service. There is always a process, but what it is varies from company to company and from product to product.

Sales Process Consultancy

We can help you define your sales process. There may be a difference between what the process is today and what you’d like it to be. Defining the ideal process may mean the fastest, or the most efficient, or the easiest, or the most lucrative. With our consultative approach we can help explore the current process and define the future.

What is a Sales Process?

A sales process describes the journey a customer goes on inn order to purchase your product or service. It describes the interaction between the prospect and the company. Typically it will include how the prospect accesses information about the company and the product or service. Then it will describe how the sales people engage with the prospect. It will describe how the product or service is delivered and then the after sales experience. It will include interaction with websites, applications and your people. In conclusion a sales process maps the actual interaction and potential interaction, between a prospect and your business.

Why does the Sales Process matter?

In defining the sales process you set out the steps a customer goes on from enquiry to purchase. By doing this we often discover things about the business that were not evident before:

  • There are unnecessary barriers for customers.
  • The process is over complicated.
  • Customers are not dealt with in a way matching their expectations.
  • People are not delivering the brand proposition in their behaviours.

Impacts on the Process

Sales Process

How do we define your Sales Process?

This is based on our experience of over 20 years in working with clients on sales training. We work with you and key stakeholders in the sales team. Step by step we map out the stages a customer goes through and what the company does in response. There may be more than one process in use. Once we have a draft version of the process or processes we then discuss this with you to check it’s accuracy. With a draft agreed we go on to develop the future. This means we map all the stages and interactions between customer and your organisation.

How does the sales team use it?

With your sales process defined and improved it gives the sales team clear guidance on how to do their job. It gives the sales people specific direction and the sales managers how to support the sales team. So in this way a sales process is a framework from which to work and develop.

Features of our Sales Process Training

The specific agenda for this training depends on the circumstances of your business. Having said that it will probably include some all or all the following points:


  • Define the process if this has not already been done internally.
  • Sales people read the one pager on how to sell to a process.


  • Presentation of the process.
  • Interpreting the process in terms of sales behaviours.
  • Sales checklist linked to the process.
  • Identifying areas of development.
  • Practising skills at each step of the process.
  • Use of our Live Training where applicable.
  • Personal action plans.


  • Post workshop email with personal action points.
  • One to one coaching is available.

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