Sales Team Consultation

A sales team consultation is the perfect way of deciding on the development needs of your sales team. It can be hard to know exactly what your team needs. Do they need training? If so in what particular areas? Do they need coaching?

To help you decide we offer a Free Sales Team Consultation.

This is typically with the Sales Manager, Sales Director, HR Manager, Specialist, or a combination of these; whoever is responsible for your sales team’s development. Either by phone or face to face we will discuss your sales team with you. We will discuss your objectives, the team’s performance, individual’s performance, the market conditions and other factors. In conclusion, our free sales team consultation will give you the answers your looking for.

The sales team consultation provokes discussion

Any training or coaching which has been carried out in the past year will be reviewed. We’ll also look at the sales management processes in place. This will then result in a list of ideas and recommendations for you to consider. After that we can take the discussion further, or we could make a proposal, or you can implement our ideas yourself. To summarise, the idea of the sales team consultation is to help you define what to do next with your sales team, or individuals within the team.

Typical situations where a sales team consultation can help

  • Your Sales Team is not performing as desired and you're not sure what to do about it.
  • Your Sales Team is doing very well, but now you need help on how to expand.
  • Some of your team are performing very well but others are not. So you'd like help on what to do about the inconsistencies in your team.,
  • The Sales Team is new to the product or service they are being asked to sell. You'd like help to show them how to sell these new offerings.
  • Your team are experiencing specific difficulties in the sale. This may be with objections, or a specific competitor. You'd like help on how they should deal with these challenges.
Sales Team Consultation
A sales team consultation can help identify potential high flyers.

How long does a sales team consultation last?

It depends on the specific questions you’ve got but a half hour consultation will get us started. An hour usually gets us to where we need to be, in defining the project. This doesn’t mean we have all the answers by then, but at least we’ll know where to go next. So if you allow from thirty minutes to an hour and from there we can agree on next steps.

What could the sales team consultation find?

Of course it’s hard to say exactly what a sales team consultation with your sales team could find, but here are some common findings:

  • That one or more of your team have found really good ways of selling. And that these ideas have not been shared amongst the team.
  • There is an opportunity for the team to focus on specific clients to get more revenue.
  • An opportunity exists to focus on key products for greater reward.
  • There may be poor systems holding sales growth back.
  • Some of the sales people are not suitable for the roles they are in.
  • There is an opportunity to sell more products to existing customers.

Benefits of a sales team consultation?

  • It's FREE, so that can't be bad.
  • It will give you a different perspective on your team.
  • Any ideas gained from the consultation are yours.

Make an enquiry for a sales team consultation

Call us via the ITD switchboard on +44 (0)800 804 8086 to arrange your Free Consultation

If you're looking for Sales Training

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Sales Coaching could be the answer your’re looking for, if so click on the link below. Sales Coaching is where we help specific sales people with a coaching approach. This sometimes means joint sales calls. It can mean a series of conversations. There could be a need for a blend of coaching with some training ideas. Contact us for a chat on how Sales Coaching could be the solution to your challenges..

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