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Get your FREE Download of our Book of 100 Sales Tips. It will help to sharpen your skills. And it could remind you of some of the things you know but may have forgotten.

We’ve been training sales people for over 20 years so now you can get the benefits of this experience in a handy little pdf book. Hopefully it will give you ideas on how you might improve your selling.

The book goes step by step through a 10 stage classic sales process giving you tips at every stage. Of course not all our sales tips are in the book, but it will give you a great start.

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Target Sales Training

When you attend one our sales training courses these tips will be explained in a lot more detail and applied to your market. Our training is customised to suit the needs of sales people and their market at no extra cost! This applies to our basic sales training, advanced sales training and telephone sales training.

Our training is engaging and it works by helping sales people improve their results. This can be in getting more meetings, closing more deals, asking better questions, or delivering better sales presentations.

If you’re looking for training on other subjects take a look at our mother site at Theer you’ll find lots of soft skills training options.

Book of 100 Sales Tips

Our Book of 100 Sales Tips includes ideas for every step of the sales process:

  • Sales Strategy
  • Who to Target
  • Prospecting
  • The First Conversation
  • Target Questioning
  • Target Listening
  • Summarising
  • Closing
  • Account Management
  • Customer Serrvice

Sales Tips examples

Sales Tips #1

Never criticise the competition. It is too easy for any criticism of the competition to sound unprofessional. It’s tempting, but try this instead;If a competitor comes up in the conversation ask a question about them. (You will know their strengths and weaknesses) The idea is for your question to lead to one of their weaknesses. Typically a question like, ‘Why do you think they are so good?’ can elicit the response, ‘I didn’t say they are, and in fact they’re not that great…’


Sales Tips #2

Always welcome objections! Sounds crazy but it’s true. Why? Because if they raise objections it probably means they are serious about buying. It also means they will have given the same objection to your competitor and they may not be as good as you at handling them. And if you welcome objections you will appear calmer and that will impress your prospect. Read more about objection handling.


Sales Tips #3

Learn and understand the personality of your customer. Many sales situations are driven by personality and if you do not understand your customer’s personality you are making it more difficult to succeed. If you attend our training you will learn about our Personality Model, so ask your Sales Manager to get in touch 🙂


Sales Tips #4

Always ask your customers about their future. It is so easy to make assumptions about what your customers are doing based on the past. If you ask about their future you will find out what they are thinking about. It will also make the conversation more interesting for them, which should put you in a good light.


Sales Tips #5

Shut up! Sorry, sales people have a tendency to talk. They like talking. They have a lot to say. There are lots of benefits to communicate. So they talk. But the customer wants to explain their needs and discuss their situation, so you must resist the urge to talk too much. And instead ask them questions and let them talk. Less telling equals more selling, which is what you need to do anyway.


Sales Tips #6

Look at things from your customer’s view. To demonstrate empathy and show understanding you need to look at things from their point of view. What do you see? Consider their challenges. What do you know about their competitors? Ask about their internal organisation challenges. Discuss their goals. Show an interest in these and discuss them and it will be more interesting for you and them.

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