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Target Sales Training Consultants are also experienced sales people. We have sold to big international organisations as well as smaller local businesses. Designing and delivering sales training is a set of specialist skills which we have been doing for over 20 years. 

Working internationally

We work in many countries and with many cultures. Check out our International Sales Training.

Tailored to your business

We tailor the training to suit your business and your sales team. This means you get the training you need which will be specifically suited to your business. Check out our Customised Sales Training.


Our Sales Training Consultants develop new ideas to be included in our training. This has included our  Closing Skills Model, Coaching Checklists and our Sales Personality Model. Read more about our Sales Training Ideas.

sales training consultants

Martin Chapman

Martin has been working in sales training for over 20 years. This includes big ticket sales training through to sales for non sales and sales for customer services. He has a personable approach which is a blend between training and coaching.

“It gives me great reward when after some training or coaching I get contacted by a participant to tell me the impact the changes they have made have had on their business.”

Stewart Bull

Stewart is a highly experienced consultant who gets fabulous results day in and day out. He has been working in training for over twenty years and has trained sales people in UK, Middle East, Europe, USA, Africa and Far East. 

“Tailoring training to suit the client needs and those of the participants makes our training very relevant for the participants. Add to this the ideas we have developed over the years. Helping sales people to apply these ideas and close more deals is great fun and very rewarding.”

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