Sales Training Courses

Sales training courses from Target Sales Training will help you deliver your target by improving your skills.

Here’s how:

Sales training courses tailored to your business

We tailor our Target Sales Training Courses to your business. And we do this at no extra cost. This means you get the training you need directly relevant to your business needs and to those of your sales people.

Sales training courses; options available

Choose from our Basic sales training, Advanced or Telephone sales training options. Click on the links to learn more about each course.

sales training courses

Basic Sales Training

Target Basic Sales Training courses are perfect for those people new to sales or who need a refresher.

sales training courses

Advanced Sales Training

The Target Advanced Sales Training courses are ideal for those who need to take their skills to the next level.

sales training courses

Telephone Sales Training

The Target Telephone Sales Training courses are designed for new and experienced telephone salespeople.

What are the benefits of our sales training courses?

It can be a dilemma whether to have all your sales people ‘off the road’ to attend sales training, or send a few at a time. So what are the benefits of our sales training courses? We can train your team in sections or small groups.  We find sales people get greater benefit from training in smaller groups.

Who will benefit from these courses?

The only real requirement is an open mind to learn. We’ve had people new to sales on these courses, who benefited massively by getting some basic frameworks to success. We’ve also had more experienced sales people, who are prepared to look at themselves and identify areas for improvement. So our training works for sales people at all levels. With the right attitude anyone could benefit from our sales training courses.

TARGET training models and concepts

These are some of our models. They have been developed based on our experience over the past 20 years. See more of our ideas on our intellectual property page.

sales training courses

Successful Selling Checklist

This Successful Selling Checklist gives the sales person a simple way to achieve a consistent approach and not forget key parts to selling.

sales training courses

Personality Selling Model

Our Personality Selling Model is one of the most popular we have developed. It gives you a tool to adapt how you engage with every customer.

sales training courses

Sales Questioning Model

The Target Questioning Model gives you a simple framework to adapt to any retails sales situation. It’s easy to understand and simple to apply.

sales training courses

Sales Closing Model

The Target Closing Model gives you simple ideas on how to close your prospect at every stage in your sales process.

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