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Selling Benefits.

The idea of selling benefits means we focus on what is important to the prospect. It does not mean pushing things which are not important to them. So what is a benefit?

What is a Benefit?

A benefit is a feature of your product or service which potentially does something for your prospect. But there is a big trap here. And it’s one that many sales people fall into. How do you know which features of your product or service are relevant to your prospect, and which are not? You know what it’s like when a sales person tells you about features which are irrelevant to you. It feels like they are pushing you. So how do we avoid the trap?

What is a not a Benefit?

A feature of your product or service which is irrelevant to your prospect is not a benefit. Let’s take an example. You’re in a store looking at a new phone. The salesman comes over and starts talking about the phone’s camera. He tells you how amazing the camera is; How many pixels it’s got; The amazing zoom. But for you the camera just needs to be good enough. Pixels and zoom don’t matter to you. The sales person has fallen into the trap. He is selling what he thinks are benefits, but they are not.

How to make sure we're selling benefits

To make sure you are selling a benefit you have to understand the needs and wants of your prospect. What are they interested in? So, from our example, what is it about a new phone that interests them? It could be the size, or the screen, or the make. It could be the colour, or the apps, or the games. In conclusion, only when we know what they are interested in can we start selling benefits.

Linking benefits to needs & wants

When we ask questions we discover the prospect’s needs and wants. Once we have these we can start selling benefits. So, if the prospect is interested in the games on the phone then that’s what we focus on. Or if they want to know all about the apps, then that’s where we start. Of course it can be good to mention other aspects the prospect may be interested in, but we have to make sure we focus on their needs and wants first of all.

Start with their needs and wants

As a way to make sure we focus on selling benefits which are relevant to the prospect a good tip is to start with questions. What are they looking for? Which aspects of your product or service are important to them? Have they had experience of this product or service in the past? In conclusion, if you start with questions this should lead you in the right direction.

Selling benefits summary

  • Start by asking questions.
  • Find out their needs and wants.
  • Match your features to their needs and wants.
  • Make sure you make a link between their needs and wants and your features.

Selling Benefits in our Sales Training

We cover the ideas of selling benefits in our basic sales training. We explain it, illustrate it and apply the ideas to your market. Please contact us to discuss how this training could help your selling skills. Take a look at the details of our basic sales training.

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Selling Benefits

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